How To Heal A Broken Heart – Reiki Energy Healing

How To Heal A Broken Heart with Reiki Energy Healing

Dr. Dean Ornish explains in his book “Love & Survival” that the major causes of broken hearts ar:

1. Lack of Love
2. Lack of Intimacy, or connection with a friend to talk about it
3. Isolation, or lack of social support, group support, or reference group

I also found that when solving the three above conditions is not enough, when we have more love and laughter in our lives, a friend to whom connect in a safe environment where we are heard and we can express/share our feelings, emotions and thoughts, and we have the adequate group support, a holistic energy healing practitioner can heal our hearts…

Using Reiki energetic healing as a treatment can surely help removing the unpleasant feelings that are attached to a person with a broken heart. Mending a broken heart or healing a broken heart is possible by:

  1. Bringing loving relationships into your life, wether romantic, family or friends ones
  2. Creating a group of persons and/or friends around you that you can trust, have intimacy and open your heart by sharing your emotional problems
  3. Being part of a group like a book club, Toastmasters, e Reiki circle and the like to avoid isolation

Reiki is a  powerful form of Energy Healing treatment that can help eliminating  chronic negative emotional challenges.

A broken heart is a feeling of oppression i your heart, a chest pain, depression, lack of energy you have when a romantic relationship is broken, you feel deceived by your romantic partner, or betraid, cheated on; it can also be the pain you feel in your heart when you are in a toxic relationship at work, with family members, friends and romantic partners.

All those feelings, specially if they persist on time, unbalance the electromagnetic field or your heart on different degrees.

Reiki energetic healing restores that energetic balance i your heart’s field.

Watch these Reiki Energy Healing video testimonial that shows some clients experiences during the reiki sessions:

Why energy healing like Reiki is effective balancing emotional trauma?

Chronic negative, stressful, angering-upseting emotional environment (like at work) and situations unbalance the energetic centers along our spinal cords.

Energy medicine restores the natural balance of those electromagnetic energy centers (chakras).

Reiki Healing Los Angeles – Reiki Master – Reiki Practitioner – 4 Testimonials

“The sensation that you experience through out the process is amazing. It’s very interesting sensations that I think we experience when there is definite temperature changes; the chills for one. It’s a full body experience. There is this sensation that comes through taht I’ve never experienced (before). Water in my becomes one almost; like I’m floating, gravitating in water.”

“Carlos was actually helping my to overcome sleeping habits or rather lack of sleeping. He helped enormously. I live in Boston and he did a long distance healing (distance Reiki session). That also worked. The times we did Reiki sessions I got to sleep straight away. ”

“That was the most amazing part because I was feeling the most surges. I know Carlos was to the side of me and he was no where near; his hands were just opened and I was feeling yet all these energy coming through. I couldn’t quite explained it!”

“I think that all healing comes from removing energetic blockages.I think that Reiki connects a person to the source of energy, this infinite energy and removes those blockages. It elevates somebody’s entire being. We don’t know the science of it or the mechanics of it but I certainly have in my own life an addition of energy healing just as part on my healing routine.”


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