Reiki Energy Healing – Hands On Energy Medicine

Reiki Energy Healing for Chronic Emotional Challenges and to Feel Better!

Reiki is a therapy based on the channeling of universal energy (rei) by the imposition of hands for the purpose of restoring the balance vital energetic.

Reiki Energy Healing is a form of etnergy medicine that removes energetic-negative blockages caused by chronic emotional situations and challenges like:

Power Symbol Reiki-Choku-Rei Los Angeles

Power Symbol Reiki – Choku-Rei

  • A broken heart for romantig reasons or any other: working problems, unfinished business, misunderstanding in friendships, etc.
  • Toxic working and romantic relationships.
  • Stress, Anxiety, chronic Depression, Anguish, Anger.
  • Too much non-stoping activities, work, etc.
  • Traffic! in LA, NY and all big cities.
  • Post-operation depression
  • Organ transplant rejection

A Reiki session experience testimonial. Jourdan said: “Reiki is like an energetic gunshot going through my head!”

Reiki energetic healing has been used by Dr. Oz in his operating room.

The results:

1. Out of 11 patients treated with Reiki in Dr. Oz’s operating room, no one experienced post-operative depression.

2. On the heart by-pass patients, no one experienced post-operative pain or leg weakness.

3. and in the transplant group, no a single one experienced organ rejection.

How To Heal A Broken Heart with Energy Medicine and Reiki Energy Healing:

Dr. Dean Ornish says that the 3 major causes of chest pain, angina and broken hearts are:

  1. Social isolation, lack of friends
  2. Lack of intimacy, not having friends or family to talk to and get out of our chests our emotional challenges
  3. LAck of social and family support

Some testimonials and experiences that my Reiki clients had reported to my over the last three years:

She felt very tired and sleepy before the Reiki session.
She had her period and her lower abdomen was hurting. She had some menstrual cramps.
Her face looked tired.
  • “It was my first Reiki session ever”
 After the 45 min Reiki session the expression on her face changed so much! She looked fresh, revitalized, very relaxed, happier and even more beautiful! (Than she already is!)
She said:
  • “My mind feels more clear. My arms and legs steel feel tingling. I still feel,like your hands are on my knees. My body is so relaxed.”
  • “At the very beginning of the session, when you touched my chest and solar plexus, I felt that the two points came closer, joined and melted into one”. (I didn’t place my left hand on her chest but on her forehead. My right hand was on her solar plexus).
  • “I felt the same melting and joining sensation when you placed my hands on my left shoulder and right hip, then on my right shoulder and left hip”.
  • “My menstrual cramps were (almost?) gone!”
  • “I feel very calm and peaceful. I feel rested and rejuvenated like if I took a very good nap”
  • “I went in and out into a ‘conscious’ sleep state. I was conscious of every thing that was happening because I remember every time you placed your hands on or over my body”.
  • “You had placed both of your hands on my knees. When you changed one of them to my right angle, I felt I have 3 hands on my body! On my both knees and my right uncle!”
  •  “At the end of the Reiki energy healing session I could see the change on my face: rested, my eyes went from tired to a vibrant eye sight. I even looked more beautiful!”


Clients report that Reiki is effective to clear energetic emotional traumas like:

  • Chest pain, angina, or a broken heart from any source:, work, family or friends related, or a romantic relationship that didn’t end up well…
  • stress from driving in big cities,  work, traffic, toxic relationships, dead lines, financials, and controlling working or romantic relationships
  • emotional stress cause by your environment: family, friends and professional ones
  • just the stress of living and driving in big cities
  • depressionphobias, anguishdesperation and anxiety
  • It also helps on decreasing physical discomfort
  • pain and pain management
  • post- surgeries  depression
  • pre/post surgery recovery and depression
  • menstrual cramps
  • pain management 
  • drugs and alcohol rehab support
  • lack of purpose in life
  • panic attacks
  • insomnia
  • healing injuries

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